Thank you for visiting Dreamchaser PMU Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation, a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Dreamchaser was initially created to rescue mares and foals that were discarded by the Premarin drug industry. Since our inception, we have evolved to also rescue horses from neglect, abuse, abandonment and slaughter. We also seek to educate women and doctors about Premarin and the horrendous side effects, which can cause loss of women’s lives as well.    

What We Do

We have taken in many animals since 2002, gentled, trained and re-homed as many as possible into qualified homes. The majority of our horses are totally wild (untouched by humans) when they arrive. We are one of the few facilities that can gentle and train a wild horse using common sense, time, gentleness, and patience. The average length of time a rescued horse spends at the ranch is one year.

NEWS UPDATE:  Dreamchaser PMU Horse Rescue has moved to Missouri!

Catching the dream meant having horses on grass, with room to roam and to run freely.  To do this, Susan moved to Falcon, Missouri, with the Sanctuary animals who would live out their lives at Dreamchaser.  The majority of these animals are from the Premarin industry, and spent from 6 to 20 years in Premarin barns.  Over 175 animals have been saved since 2002, and 90% of them were untouched by humans when they arrived.  

We have now been in Missouri for over one year.  In pictures, we will show you the progress we have made and the hurdles we have overcome.  The horses love it here, and have acclimated well.  The move and subsequent adjustments have been worth it.  It brings me great joy to see these animals, who once suffered great atrocities, with their heads down in a field of green.

We are thrilled to report that Daisy, our precious foundered burro, is doing well here, wearing her Soft Ride boots and taking medications, but outside every day roaming freely with her brother Jimmy.   

We received accreditation from Global Federation of Sanctuaries in 2011 and were due for re-accreditation this year.  However, since the move to a new location, we now have to start the process all over again. 

Improvements over the last year include this new shelter:

And this mini barn was also repainted:

Our biggest issues are fencing and hay storage and it will take lots of material and labor to redo perimeter fencing and build a hay storage facility. 

Please help us with these expenses by donating!

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