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"Every horse that comes through this rescue experiences a gentle human touch, is treasured and given a chance at a wonderful life full of love and respect."

-Susan N. Thompson

Susan was moved to create Dreamchaser in 2002 when she discovered the plight of Premarin mares and foals.


After having a radical hysterectomy at age 22, Susan was ordered to take the drug Premarin for the rest of her life. She took Premarin for 28 years, never knowing it was made from the urine of pregnant mares.


She was sickened when she discovered what PMU mares were subjected to, and that their foals were routinely slaughtered. The desire to atone for her part in this horrendous industry set her on a path to save as many Premarin mares and foals as she could buy.


Her mission also included educating women as to the horrible side effects of this drug, and the fact that there are now many safe alternatives.

Horses have been a part of her life since she was 22, starting with a beautiful palomino named Golden Boy. Golden Boy was her heart and soul for 33 years, teaching her much in his lifetime. Susan's wish for all horse lovers is that they find a ‘once in a lifetime horse’, and perhaps find that horse at Dreamchaser.

The Dunrovin Ranch, which would later become known as Dreamchaser PMU Rescue & Rehabilitation, was a dream conceived in 1993 by Susan and Jamie Thompson when they purchased land in New River, Arizona. An eight-stall mare motel was initially constructed on the property, however, by the time it was built it was already too small for the number of horses Susan and Jamie had acquired!


In 2002, the Dunrovin Ranch went from a four-horse home to a twelve-horse home almost overnight, when Susan and Jamie discovered the plight of PMU (Pregnant Mare Urine) mares and foals. The initial plan was to adopt only one PMU foal, but that quickly changed when they discovered how many beautiful foals were headed for feed lots and slaughter.

Three foals were adopted and two months later, two pregnant PMU mares were added to the herd! Thus, the Dreamchaser Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Facility was born.  Since 2002 Dreamchaser has continued to rescue PMU mares, foals and horses that are neglected, abused and abandoned.


Susan's dream was for the rescued horses to live a more natural life where they would be on grass and roam the pastures freely.  In late 2014 she made that dream a reality and loaded 30 sanctuary horses and moved them from New River, Arizona to Falcon, Missouri.  Upon arrival there was a lot of work that had to be done.  The property had not been properly taken care of for many years.  The fencing was very poor and there was little to no shelter for the horses.  Once the horses were properly contained, ground breaking on the barn began.  The barn was completed in the spring of 2015 and is utililized year round for shelter and the storage of hay and equipment.


While we have accomplished a lot, there is still a lot to do.  We are still in the process of cross-fencing pastures, building an office, and trying to rehab some of the original buidlings that were on the property.  As always, we appreciate all of our donors who make this possible!

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