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Dunbar, Tucker, Aspen, Dakota, Precious and Savannah came to Dreamchaser through a massive rescue effort in which almost 1,000 horses were found starving and neglected.

When we first heard how these innocent foals survived their first few months of life, living in some of the worst conditions we have ever seen, we knew immediately that we had to help.


Their Tragic Beginning

On September 29, 2016 documentation was publicly released showing the extent of neglect taking place at the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) in Lantry, South Dakota.  It was discovered that Karen Sussman (ISPMB President) was keeping almost 1,000 horses on a property that local ranchers say can only sustain 30 to 40 horses.  It was reported that over 30 horses starved to death and hundreds of others were emaciated; the most vulnerable were the foals.  


As soon as we learned of the life threatening conditions on the ISPMB ranch, we reached out to help.  In partnership with South Dakota's Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, we were able to rescue these six orphaned foals. 

News Reports & Documentation
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Turning Tragedy into Triumph

Upon the foals' arrival in early October, we immediately assessed their condition.  All were found to be underweight and suffering from intestinal malabsorbtion...with each foal showing extreme belly bloat, unhealthy coats and long, untrimmed hooves. The parasite load was heavy on all foals, requiring a strict regimen of de-worming.  Each one was put on specialized Chinese herbs, specifically tailored to their needs.  Since their arrival, no expense has been spared to provide them with everything they need to beautifully mature.  


Through the endless amounts of love and care our team provides and the support of our donors, the foals have healthy digestive tracts, wonderfully trimmed hooves and ready access to nutrient specific feed and fresh green grass.

Being of service to these foals and providing for them is an honor and a privilege.  We look forward to sharing their journey and watching as they grow into truly magnificent horses.

Everything we do at Dreamchaser is possible because of the kindness and generosity of people like you.


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Dunbar Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Dunbar Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Tucker Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Tucker Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Precious Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Precious Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Dakota Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Dakota Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Aspen Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
Aspen Horse, Dreamchaser PMU
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