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Our Mission

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that rescues horses, foals and other farm animals from abuse, abandonment, and slaughter. Our goal is to rehabilitate and find new homes for as many rescued animals as possible, however, we do provide sanctuary for those animals that are too mentally or physically traumatized to ever be adopted. We educate the general public through our website and social media, as well as through those who visit our rescue personally.


Our Vision

Our vision is to rescue abused and abandoned horses and foals and save those headed for slaughter, providing the care and training needed to allow for a successful adoption to their forever homes. 


Strategic Direction

Our strategic direction is to align the organization financially to provide optimal care for our horses by exercising fiscal responsibility with every donated dollar. Our goal is to gain efficiency by managing expenses and optimizing resources, including volunteers, individual sponsorship, and community involvement.




Believing in others and being worthy of others' trust.

Ability to express views truthfully

Treating every one equitably

Consistent and reliable actions

Open to sharing Ideas



Accepting our similarities and differences and how both contribute to the success of the Organization.

Sharing one organization mission and vision

Listening to and encouraging different viewpoints and ideas

Bringing out the best in each other 

Keeping each other informed

Keeping our promises and commitments


We've held accreditation through the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association since 2011.  We are an AZDA Registered Equine Facility, USDA licensed for our educational petting zoo, On Raven's Wings, Top Rated by Great Nonprofits and we've earned the GuideStar Platinum Seal for transparency.




For excellence, learning, and creating a better future for horses

Striving for the best possible result from oneself and others

Acting with the Organization in mind and going the extra mile

Learning from our successes and failures

Creating new ideas for the growth of the Organization



Taking risks for the sake of slaughter-bound animals

Speaking up and providing information on proper horse care

Tenacity to see things through

Willing to challenge the status quo

Acting on our convictions

Accepting accountability

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