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be prepared to catch them!


Dreamchaser was born in New River, Arizona in 2002 when it was learned that hundreds of thousands of horses were being severely abused and dying just so BIG pharma could make a BIG profit.

The horrific fate that awaits the mares and foals that Pfizer can no longer make money from spurred our founder, Susan Thompson, into action.

Susan had received word that over 20,000 premarin horses were headed to slaughter.  That’s when she and her daughter Jamie took their New River, Arizona 4-horse home and turned it into a 12-horse home almost over night...saving as many as their property and their wallets could hold.

For the next 12 years, Susan, Jamie and the wonderful donors and volunteers of Dreamchaser rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed hundreds of horses.

In 2014, Dreamchaser was relocated to Falcon, Missouri.

If you’ve never lived in central Arizona, it’s hard to imagine the intensely hot summers or the lack of green vegetation. . .especially grass.

Having moved from Maine to Arizona as a young adult, Susan longed to have our sanctuary residents on green pastures, among the natural beauty of giant shade trees and more temperate summers.  It was at that point Susan put on her track shoes and went chasing another dream: the dream of greener pastures for the sanctuary residents.  In late 2014 she caught that dream. 

Susan, Jamie and a few of their closest friends logged nearly 28,000 miles, making over 20 round trips between New River, Arizona and Falcon, Missouri to transport 34 horses, 8 donkeys, 14 goats, 7 peacocks, 5 pigs, 3 dogs, 2 llamas, 1 cat, 2 tortoises and a parrot.


You may not think that one person can make a difference but nothing could be farther from the truth.  It starts with a dream and then the desire to chase it.  


From the moment I saw the horrors of the PMU (pregnant mares' urine) industry, I wanted to do anything possible to help them.  The journey I have been on since taking in the first five PMU horses has grown into a sanctuary that takes them from the worst life can offer to a life filled with compassion, security and love.   The love they give back cannot be adequately expressed in words.

The evolution of Dreamchaser has shown me so many things but none more important than the power of love.  It was through love that my daughter Jamie, my dear friends and generous donors helped make Dreamchaser what it is today...a true sanctuary for abused and neglected animals.

Never give up on your dreams for if you do, you will never know what is possible or the lives you can save.

Susan N. Thompson



We've been turning their tragedy
into triumph since 2002!
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