Essence was born in 1995 and arrived to us on March 8, 2005, also heavily pregnant.  She was 10 years old, and delivered a colt on June 14th 2005. She was so upset at having her foal in an open setting that she abruptly stood up, pulling on Miakoda’s umbilicus, creating a hole in his bladder. At 18 hours old, we were loading the mare and foal into the trailer and heading to a veterinary hospital where MiaKoda underwent surgery for removal of the umbilicus and bladder repair. Urine had been leaking into his abdomen and would have killed him within 24 hours.

Essence will not be able to go under saddle; she has stifle problems and hind end problems due to having foal after foal and inadequate exercise. She is a permanent resident here at Dreamchaser. 

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