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Name:  Gypsy  Breed: Paint Quarter Horse  Gender:  Mare  Age:  9  Color:  Black & White  Size:  15 h  ​
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Name:  Gypsy

Breed: Paint Quarter House

Gender:  Mare

Age:  9 yrs.

Color:  Black & White

Size:  15 h

Gypsy came to Dreamchaser after we received a call that she was abandoned and in need of immediate intervention.  We worked closely with local authorities to secure Gypsy and bring her to our sanctuary.

We cannot imagine why anyone would just abandon such a beautiful creature.  Gypsy gives so much love and asks for nothing...except a nice rub all over.  She loves to be hugged and particularly enjoys a nice long brushing.


A true treasure awaits Gypsy's adoptive owner for she is a lovely horse. 

Gypsy has been adopted by Paul Conley with the Boy Scouts of America!


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