Illusion’s Story

Illusion was born in 1992 and was a Premarin Stallion; a full Canadian Percheron. He spent his life pasture-breeding Premarin mares on their foal heats, and when his rancher lost his contract, Illusion was in danger of going to slaughter. He is 16.2 hands tall and weighs 1800 pounds; he would have brought a lot of money for meat. We rescued him at a cost of $3,000, took him on desert walks every day to help gentle him, and he truly has become a gentle giant.  Our visiting children love to climb up on the feed tub in order to brush him. He loves Rush, and they both get upset when they are separated.

Illusion was castrated at the University of Missouri, and then underwent removal of three cancerous tumors on his penis.  Three years later, he is doing just fine.  He has added the orphan foals to his herd, and keeps tender watch over them.

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