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Rush's Story

Rush was one of our very first Premarin mares. She was born in 1990 and arrived at our ranch February 8, 2004 very heavily pregnant. Wyeth had suddenly cut Premarin contracts leaving thousands of mares (all pregnant) headed to slaughter. We had just gotten home with three weanlings from Canada and were now adopting two pregnant mares. We waited three days in Nevada for them to arrive because of road conditions. She was fourteen years old at the time and had just been separated from her foal. Once she was settled in at the ranch we started taking her for walks to begin the bonding process.

Rush delivered her foal on June 4, 2004, a beautiful palomino colt. Her delivery was complicated by a retained placenta, probably due to her traveling so late in her pregnancy. This colt has since been adopted out to a wonderful home. Rush will remain here at Dreamchaser to live out the remainder of her life surrounded with love and friendship from our staff and her horse family.

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